Carrot Juice Cleanse

How long? I don’t know yet. I’m taking it day by day. So far, I’ve determined that my cleanse is going to be at least a week, max of 60 days. Otherwise, I can’t really say, and I’m an undisciplined wimp. So it probably won’t be 60 days.

I may mix it up. So far, I have been using bolthouse juices, keep in mind not smoothies. I was disappointed in my research to find that the smoothies wouldn’t qualify for a juice cleanse. However, I also have a juicer at home that I could break out. It’s just a matter of wanting to make the effort.

I have a bunch of carrot juices I got from Costco, $6 for 3. I have randomly been buying juices that are carrot mixes. I have an allergy to carrots. But I have determined that as long as I don’t end up in the hospital or covered in hives, I should be okay and my body may even get over it. I have had a little bit of asthma like symptoms over it, but nothing life threatening.

The first day, I failed. I got through my first job, and it’s easy to say I didn’t bring food and I am not going to go out and spend money on lunch. However, when my second job is a restaurant, food was right in my face, and everything smelled soooo good. Fail.

I started over yesterday, and I made it through the day not being scheduled.

This said, it’s not that I’m hungry. I’m not hungry. It’s just hard to get over the regularity of eating. Even though I got off to a false start, I have lost 4 pounds and 1/2 an inch around my stomach in 2 days. Not too bad, and I know results will slow down over time. However, it is motivating. Measurable results make me want to suck it up.

We’ll see how long this lasts. But considering plenty of other people have done this and logged it, it is possible.


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