Exercise During Juice Cleanse

ellipticalYou’re only drinking juice. So you don’t need to exercise, right? Wrong. You should be meeting similar calorie requirements, around 1000 to 1200 calories a day, or maybe even more. Even with cleanses, exercise is essential if you want to lose weight, and moreover if you want to keep it off. Your body is going through a detox. So you aren’t going to want to take protein for example, but you do want to maintain muscle for future fat burning.

During a juice cleanse, you don’t have to involve yourself in intense exercise, long runs, etc. You can of course if you feel up to it, but sometimes it’s light and simple things that help. Go for a walk, take a hike, take a light jog. Some experts actually recommend you don’t participate in strenuous exercise.

There are of course many options. I get my dogs out when I can, but with 2 jobs, it is harder to set a regular schedule. Consequently, I recently ordered myself a small compact elliptical, and it arrived a few days ago.

I have read the reviews, and many say that you have to sit in a certain way or even stand up to get the most effective results. I am not disagreeing with this, but I can’t say I have been perfect in the few days since I received it. I put it under my desk at my main job, and it was a pain to put together. I think they tried to make it Mikkel-proof. I pulled it off, and I have been using it randomly throughout the day since. My legs have gotten hot when wearing pants, but I haven’t broken a sweat even once.

I hit somewhat of a wall for a couple days before that, and I haven’t been entirely disciplined. I’m trying. However, the first day that I started using my elliptical, and this is randomly throughout an 8 hour work day, I lost 2 pounds. I know, 2 pounds a day is not normal, but when you’re on a juice cleanse, it happens. The next day, I cheated because I won free food at my other job, and I still lost a pound. Today, I’m hoping for good results again. It takes some good positioning to keep it from rubbing against or even knocking down cords. I’m sure I could probably get better arm results if I were actually using the straps. So far though, it seems to be good enough.

In my case, I am not always going fast. Sometimes, I go at a relatively relaxed pace. I think it’s fair to say though, when it comes to any exercise, especially during a cleanse, it just depends on the person.


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