Easy Ways To Be Green

The focus of most health movements has been on healthy body tips, but what about the environment? In the long term, the environment is going to have a big impact on your health and the health of your children and their children, etc. If you want to be green, yes, you could do all of the things that you see on TV, but here are a few basic ways that are easier than you might think:

  • Get Better Insulation – This has multiple green benefits for you. Not only do you use less energy to be green, you also end up saving money as you are using less energy. Everybody’s house experiences some energy loss, but you can decrease this by making sure that you have effective insulation to keep the heat in during the winter and the cool in during the summer.
  • Eat Vegetarian – You don’t have to do it all the time. If you just do it once a week, you are making a difference. A change for a family of 4 could be as significant as driving a hybrid, and you could also save money if you’re used to eating meat every day. If you eat vegetarian every once in a while, you could also be healthier if done right.
  • Go With Sustainably Raised Meat – When you do eat meat, try eating organic or sustainable meat. This will help you to get rid of the hormones and antibiotics that you generally find in your meat, and this can be good for your overall health and the environment.
  • Don’t Use Bug Sprays or Pesticides – These sprays can release serious chemicals into the environment in case you haven’t heard. You don’t want to breathe in these chemicals. If you are worried about bugs in your home, think about preventative measures. Keep a clean home, clean up crumbs, seal holes, and you can even use natural (vinegar based for example) repellents).
  • Go Fragrance Free – Products that have fragrances such as soaps and cosmetics generally use undisclosed fragrances. So you really don’t know what you’re getting, and a lot of these may be harsh on the environment and your skin. After you wash or moisturize, a lot of these products go down the drain, going into the ecosystem and even water supply to a certain degree. Man made chemicals in general aren’t so good for the environment, and you can go with unscented items as a small part of this.
  • Donate, Don’t Dump – Before you throw anything away, think about if you can donate it or otherwise recycle it. Can you still use it? Can you donate it to your local Goodwill for someone else to use? If it’s not going to the local trash dump, or even if it’s going to the recycling facilities, you can keep it away from the growing mounds of trash.
  • Remove Your Shoes – In some houses, shoes automatically come off before you really walk in. They may have slippers, or it may just be barefoot to keep the house clean. As it turns out, it does more than just keep your house clean. When you bring your shoes inside, you can bring in exhaust fumes, chemicals, pesticides, poop, and plenty of other nasty (and potentially harmful) stuff. If you track these all over your home, you will have to clean more. This takes electricity, cleaning supplies, and other thing that have to be manufactured using energy. If you have to clean less, you use less of these, and you go a little more green.

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