Truvia Doubles As An Insecticide

I have heard more than once about how the artificial sweeteners cause cancer, obesity, and all matter of other health and other issues. So it’s not all that surprising to me that new research has come out about Truvia, which many like to think of as the ideal sweetener. In recent studies, PLOS ONE has found that Truvia can actually significantly shorten fruit flies’ lifespans as compared to even other artificial sweeteners. Of course, humans are different than fruit flies, which we take some comfort in, but really, by how much? That certainly doesn’t mean it’s harmless to humans.

The information has come from Simon Kashock-Marenda, who is a 9th grader from Philadelphia, who was in 6th grade at the time of the discovery. He found that Truvia had the potential to kill fruit flies during an experiment on fruit flies and the effects of artificial sweeteners in general. His parents had recently switched over to sweeteners from white sugar. So he wanted to see the effects on health. He told his father DSaniel Marenda, who is also a biologist at Drexel University, and they are co-authors of this study.

Drexel lab of course recreated it on a more aggressive level. There was no other sweetener in the trials that had this effect.

Ideally, scientists are saying that this could turn into a safe and effective insecticide, but the bigger question and issue is what does this mean for the rest of us? What does this mean for our health?


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