Is Medical Marijuana Going To Create An Epidemic?

The debate about marijuana in general has been raging on for years. When it comes to medical marijuana, it goes even deeper. Frankly speaking, I’m all for legalizing marijuana across the board, but when it comes to medical uses, many of the applications they name have no proof. They have one case somebody observed where they think this person had good results, and that’s about it. This said, for other things, such as reducing nausea, it can be pretty darn effective. Throw that in with chemo, and amazing. It depends on what use you’re talking about.

A new study from the Public Health Institute found that 92% of Californians using medical marijuana believe that it helps with whatever their suffering happens to be. New York mayor Michael Blooomberg on the other hand calls it one of the great hoaxes of all time, and frankly the studies are questionable in many cases at best. Anybody ever heard of the placebo effect?

I say just legalize it. Why does everything have to be medical?

There are of course some snags that are bound to come up. The Colorado Supreme Court is deciding right now if employees can be fired for medical marijuana use, even though it is considered legal.

As far as the big picture of marijuana though, one myth has traveled around. Many of the medical claims are unfounded. However, there are also those who claim that medical marijuana legalization would lead to widespread use, and that is also a myth.

Our study contradicts commonly held beliefs that medical marijuana is being overused by healthy individuals. The results lend support to the idea that medical marijuana is used equally by many groups of people and is not exclusively used by any one specific group.

The study has found that about 5% of adults in California are medical marijuana users. White adults, especially between 18 and 24, are the most common users. But every age and racial group had at least a 2% usage rate. Chronic pain was the most common reason for medical marijuana use at 31%. Arthritis and cancer were at 11%, and migraines were at 8%.

Among doctors, a New England Journal of Medicine survey showed that 76% of doctors approve of medical marijuana. The study gathered information from doctors from around the world.


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