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Could Climate Change Cause Kidney Stones

Climate change this, climate change that. The Republicans want us to believe that it doesn’t exist and we should keep going exactly how we are now (despite the health effects of pollution we have already established) while the Democrats want us to believe it’s a clear and present danger. Now, there are some scientists who are suggesting that one of the side effects of climate change may be kidney stones.

A new study in Environmental Health Perspectives suggests that as temperatures go up, so do the instances of kidney stones. They researched and monitored over 7 years of over 60,000 patients in the US, and they found that part of the issue came down to dehydration in these higher temperatures. This could easily lead to higher mineral buildup in your pee, which leads to kidney stones.

This is pretty scary. If you’ve ever had even small kidney stones, they are incredibly painful to say the least, and they have been rare in the past at just 11% of the US population. However, this is starting to affect even children on a higher level.