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Do You Need A Sports Bra For Exercise?

You spend extra money just to buy an extra sports bra that is specially made to help you exercise. In one of his videos, Shaun T talks about one participant never wearing a sports bra before, and granted, they are made of material that matches your sports wear. They don’t often have the underwire that your regular bra does, and they definitely keep the girls under control. But do you really need a sports bra? It’s still extra money, why can’t you just exercise sans bra?

Not wearing a sports bra is actually relatively common, especially for women who have smaller breasts. Some believe that a simple built in shelf bra is more than enough, and I will say that in some cases, no bra would be more comfortable. But obviously, we continue, and according to some research, that may actually be healthier.

Susan Nethero, founder of the bra emporium Intimacy says, A huge number of women are experiencing some breast injury from tissue moving up and down or in and out during exercise.

Unfortunately, a lack of the proper breast support, even for smaller chested women, can lead to back pain, tissue damage, stretch marks and sagging, and permanent damage to the connective tissue over time. All of this sounds pretty serious.

To avoid this kind of exercise related injury in women, one of the best things to do is to wear a sports bra. Yes, they can be extremely constrictive, but they hold things together, especially during high intensity workouts. The right support is essential. If you want, you can look for a bra with separate cups and a certain size (say 36B) as opposed to the one boob approach.

You don’t realize the kind of impact a sports bra can have until it may be too late and the damage would already be done.