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Why You Get Migraines

It’s not just a headache, it’s extreme pain that explodes, causing light to be painful, pain if you touch it, and nausea just to start. Eating things like raw onions, red wine, being around cigarette smoke, and even hormone swings that you can’t just control through diet could all be contributing factors. For hormones, some find birth control effective, and there are some pills that are actually meant to prevent migraines, stress headaches, and other severe headaches like that.

Interestingly enough, for some, they try diet changes, activity changes, taking birth control and other pills, and none of that works. Still, they have headaches and migraines come up. There are some who even find that the pills that are supposed to prevent the headaches may actually be causing them. In these cases, sometimes something like acupuncture, which is obviously an unusual approach, can be used.

So how widespread is this? Headaches and migraines are by no means unusual. Over 30 million Americans currently live with chronic migraines. 45 million people deal with chronic headaches of some kind (tension headaches, migraines, or otherwise). However, many of these people try to just deal with the headaches on their own rather than seeking relief through acupuncture, a doctor’s visit, or something else.

The American Academy of Neurology and the International Headache Society have both looked to complete more research to fight and prevent these types of headaches. If you find that you are experiencing this, you can take Advil or other pain pills, but you may want to visit your doctor if they are chronic to see about preventative approaches.